Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow night = Design Indaba

Yes everyone, tomorrow night I will do a little feature on the Cape Town Design Indaba.  It was held at the CTIC this past weekend.  Fresh design ideas, new artists, awesome accessories and rural inspirations.  I’m super excited to share all of these with you, woohoo!

Till then, sweet dreams*

[Image via Design Indaba]

Table Mountain

Vote for Table Mountain to be one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.
Visit to vote or text table to 38474.  How amazing is it that we could say Table Mountain is a 7 Wonder of the World.  All South Africans can be very lucky to call this our country! 

SA Fashion Week...Finale

Day 5

Joburg Fashion Week came to a festive close at the Nelson Mandela bridge, a perfect venue for David Tlale’s collection where he showcased a 92 look collection representing 1 year in the life of Nelson Mandela.
The late show began in a dramatic fashion as true to the nickname of “Drama King” David Tlale has earned himself.  He rocked up to his show on a Harley Davidson motorbike as he spoke over the microphone, apologizing for the delay.
He was soon standing centre stage and models walked in draped in black cloaks and proceeded to climb onto a platform, lined up like a choir on either sides of Tlale.

[Image via iFashion & Elle SA]

SA Fashion Week

Day 3 Continued

Yes I know this has dragged on longer than you and I have hoped.
Let me quickly highlight some more favourites at SA Fashion week.

Lisp showed us how the ultimate groupie/rock chick dresses.  With leather, silver bead embellishments, faux furs and velvets.  I feel like I’m cheering on my favourite rock band just by looking at these sexy outfits.

My personal favourite SA designer, Abigail Getz, used the Johannesburg Art Gallery to host the various 1950’s A-line dresses in various checkered and floral fabrics.  Betz stayed true to her feminine signature without failing to stretch her boundaries, "The shapes in those times were very wide, very luxurious and warm," said Abigail Betz.
Something Betz doesn’t often do is play with black, and this year she experimented with it.  "The world is not perfect, there is a little bit of darkness in our lives and I just wanted to bring that through," said the petite designer.

Day 4

The theme for day 4 was ready-to-wear as designers showed us practical day and evening wear.

Bongiwe Walaza showed us her confused vision of “Victorian era and Xhosa dress”.

Avant’s collection was highly covetable, commercial and had good cuts.  The dynamic duo is definitely a name to watch.

Stiaan Louw showed us an interestingly cottony menswear collection.

Thula Sindi sealed the night at the Johannesburg Art Gallery with updates of clothes he has done in the past. “The idea was a funeral,” he said, “It is what my clients would wear were they to come to my funeral.” Standouts included his usual twist dress, and a polka-dot trenchcoat in a collection with a formal inclination. “They,” he said in reference to the clients who would be attending his said funeral, “would be wearing futuristic classics; things that I would have been known for.”

[Images via iFashion & Elle SA]

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have great news everyone.  The twit bug has bitten me! 
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Long day...

Sorry for skipping on the blogging, had such a hard days work.  I’ll post the rest of fashion week tomorrow, hate to keep you all in suspense.  I’ll also be updating you on whats happening at the SA Design Indaba. 

Bag O’ goodness

[Image via Design Indaba]

SA Fashion Week

Day 3 – Part 1

An evening filled with faux fur, bonded wool & lace was the ongoing theme for day 3 at the Johannesburg SA Fashion week.

Spero Villioti frosted us in silver and gold sparkles.  He brought in satin in the form of ribbons, skirts, on the sides and sleeves of suit jackets.  His designs were about “easy, classy glamour” which were a tribute to his famed perfectionism and highly regarded craftsmanship.
"It's the city of gold," Villioti said in reference to the city of Johannesburg, "We had the silver representing the rain, when it's raining and it becomes overcast.  The buildings become sort of silver grey. So, it is still Johannesburg with the silver."

[Images via iFashion]

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zulu Meisie (Zulu Girl)

Irma Stern is a renowned South African artist with magnificent talents.  Her newest piece to be on sale is expected to be yet another big success which could reach well over the million pound mark.
Herewith the bio on the painting as per

Irma Stern (South African 1894-1966)
signed and dated 1935 oil on canvas 58 by 48,5cm (1) Painted in 1935, Zulu Woman is a strong and confident portrait painted by Irma Stern dates from her celebrated middle period. Pre-dating her travels to North Africa, Stern turned to the people of South Africa as subjects for her work. As painter, Stern exerted the right to control the interpretation of her model . The Zulu Woman in this painting remains nameless but Stern has left us many clues as to her ethnicity. The long cylindrical hairstyle is typical of the Nongoma or Northern Zululand region. The earplugs are also characteristic for this region. Portraiture as genre remains primarily the painter’s interpretation of the model . In Stern’s case, her role as painter often overrode her subject’s individualised identity. This results in works that are highly expressionistic and personal renderings of ‘native types’ , captured primarily for their decorative qualities and unique sense of identity without adhering to the trueness of the final image versus the sitter themselves. Stern’s use of Expressionism in this work has resulted in an image that resonates with colour and light, both equally vital in their capturing of the sitter. Stern has tackled this work in an atypical manner: while there are strong contrasts between light and dark tones throughout the painting, all are eminently powerful. Stern’s fearless use of colour sees a bold lime green background upon which the Zulu Woman is placed. The warm tones used in her skin are interspersed with this same background colour to highlight areas of her face. Medium tones of carmine red are confidently applied along the length of her nose, echoed again in her headdress and further balanced in the background just above her right shoulder. Cool lines of cobalt blue add definition to her headdress, earplug and hairline. The cool pink tone of her wrap is tonally weighted to the background – this by no means flattens the work. Stern’s brushwork follows the contours of the Zulu Woman’s shoulders thereby creating a dynamic tension between the bold application of paint and the clearly delineated features of the Zulu Woman. Stern’s sure brushwork and application of paint in broad lush strokes ensures that every square inch of this canvas is saturated in paint and colour. The overall result is in an image that is both a powerful, keenly articulated Expressionistic portrait and a true testament to Stern’s prowess as South Africa’s colourist par excellance. PROVENANCE: Sold: Stephan Welz & Co, Johannesburg, 4 November 1996, lot 329
R 16 000 000 - 20 000 000

Previous pieces sold were ‘Bahora Girl’ (2.4 million pounds/26.7 million rands) and Gladioli (R13 368 000).
Irma (1894 – 1966) almost had one hundred exhibitions over her lifetime in South Africa and Europe.  It is unfortunate that she as well as so many other artists could never enjoy the riches that her paintings produced in their lifetime.

[Image via Stephan Welz & Co]

SA Fashion Week 2011 Day 1 & 2

This is the big one you have all been waiting for.  SA fashion took place from 16 – 20 Feb.  After a year’s hard work designers got to show case their best designs in this 5-day extravaganza which was said to be amazing, not only the designers but each venue gave the viewers a different feel and made the clothes come alive to do the talking.

Day 1

A few of the winners at Fastrack showcased their youthfulness and that they are not afraid of change.
Kicking off Tuesday evening, designer Kutloano Mokolomme showed us big bold and blue.  Voluminous hemlines, frills and interchangeable garments.  Mokolomme chose to use the stiff shiny silk to show the metamorphosis of his garments.  Models came out with gowns that transformed into elegant dresses with softer fabrics against the taffeta background.

Of the other designers for the evening herewith some of the highlights:

Jessica Sutherland used transition as her design idea.

Laura Kass went for traditional African prints in modern silhouettes.

[Images via iFashion]

Day 2

The themes for day 2 were Diversity & Regeneration.

Suzaan Heyns used the Bus Factory as the backdrop for her collection.  Layers, with asymmetrical cuts and textured fabrics translated the theme of human anatomy.  Heyns reinforced the theme by playing a video clip of surgery being performed on a garment instead of a human.  Variations of nude colours, brown, grey & black were used.  “The colours we used were based on skin tone” said Heyns.


[Images via iFashion & Elle SA]

Errol Arendz showed us the late 80’s early 90’s with touches of prints, lace and loads of fur draped over black & gray dresses and colourful leggings.  Arendz described his collection as “sleek and glamorous with delicate military touches”.  Unfortunately the military was no where present, perhaps that is why he uses the term delicately.  Although I am not too crazy about this collection, I have to ask “where can I get a pair of those shoes?”

[Image via iFashion]

Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit took us on an old fashioned fantasy.  The venue, Rand Club, of course leant itself to the fantasy of the collection. 
"We started with Baroque, we love the era and its grandeur," Kluk elaborated after the show, "but there's also so much minimalism happening at the moment, so we wanted to go a little more tribal but in a very grand and sophisticated way."
The show began with kimonos, heavy & light textiles, paisley and lots of colour, it was evident that there were some Asian and oriental influence. 
"We found old clothes that had been thrown out because they were torn; it's kind of like 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'," Kluk added, "The workmanship and colours were so beautiful we wanted to use them in a new way."  In the duo’s method of regeneration to this day’s reoccurring theme they also added "Regeneration doesn't have to mean 'new', it can just mean bringing things out again, making them more beautiful and showing what's already there."


[Images via iFashion & Elle SA]

My favourites for day 1 & 2 would definitely be the Kutloano Mokolomme, Errol Arendz’s shoes & Kluk. 
Pop in again tomorrow to see what happened on day 3 & 4.

Monday, February 21, 2011

SA Fashion Week 2011....

Watch this space to find out more about SA Fashion Week 2011

[Image via Elle SA]

Super Cute!!

When you hear the word whippycake the last thing you think of is adorably cute hair accessories, jewellery and brooches to wear.  Well this is exactly what it is.  As I sit here typing this I can not stop thinking about how desperately I would love adding these adorable objects to my jewellery box.

[Images via Whippy Cake]

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Update

I’ve been doing some research over the weekend and will have some cool upcoming posts to share with you.  Keep watching this space! 

Happy blogging to you all! x

[Image via Weddings by Marius]

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My night off

Tonight my blog is taking a backseat to a Harry Potter marathon.  So sorry, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow night with great new posts to keep you inspired!

Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VIP Fair Extraordinaire

My favourites at this year’s VIP Fair:

Etc by Shannon Ebner

Big Coat by Erwin Wurm

Untitled 2005 by Louis Bourgeois

Unrest by Valenska Soares

Blind Protection by Monica Bonvicini

[Images via Wallpaper]

I want to go CAMPING!

It is summer in South Africa and there’s nothing better than spending your time in a tent next to the ocean with a little fire burning and having a braai (for the non South-Africans a braai is a BBQ).  Some of my most memorable memories are in camping sites with family and friends.  I really think I should pull out our tent and spend the weekend in it. 
What do you love doing during the summer months?

[Image via Flickr]