Thursday, October 25, 2012

Laundry Cheat Sheet

How many times have you looked at your clothing labels and thought "WTF?".  Well no need to do this anymore with this very cute Laundry Cheat Sheet I found on Rambling Renovators.

Definitely putting up this cheat sheet in my laundry.

A new post

I know, long time no post. 
Well let me bring you up to date with recent activities.  I have been away for work to the UK for 2 weeks.  I have been planning our move to our new place, excited!  And I have been packing. 

So with planning the move I have been looking for new projects to spruce up some of our furniture, yes a new move means a new look.  So herewith the projects I’m busy with:

1)      Painting the table and chairs that will be on our lovely big new veranda by using the dipping technique

2)      Searching for the perfect couch

3)      Thinking of smart layout ideas for a studio apartment

4)      Painting mirror frames

5)      Buying all the little bits that we need for our new place

6)   Converting some of our recycled furniture pieces into useable pieces in our new home

I'm still need to start with most of these projects but I've taken next week off to finish them and I'll definitely update you with some pics once they are done.