Thursday, February 24, 2011

SA Fashion Week

Day 3 – Part 1

An evening filled with faux fur, bonded wool & lace was the ongoing theme for day 3 at the Johannesburg SA Fashion week.

Spero Villioti frosted us in silver and gold sparkles.  He brought in satin in the form of ribbons, skirts, on the sides and sleeves of suit jackets.  His designs were about “easy, classy glamour” which were a tribute to his famed perfectionism and highly regarded craftsmanship.
"It's the city of gold," Villioti said in reference to the city of Johannesburg, "We had the silver representing the rain, when it's raining and it becomes overcast.  The buildings become sort of silver grey. So, it is still Johannesburg with the silver."

[Images via iFashion]

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