Thursday, November 3, 2011

Drinks Trolley

I was planning on sharing this on my Vintage Favourites but I loved it so much I decided to share this with you as a separate post.  The hints of green with the green martini glass, lime and bottles combined with the red tray makes a perfect match for this glass drinks trolley… Aaaaa!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Favourite Things

My new favourite things for this week are tweet’s from different people whom I follow.  I’ve seen these tweeted by them and have fallen in love with them.
1)  Shared by @ThatNicole:  Sitting Pretty. Narina Trogan Chairs
2)  Shared by @THELOVEMAGAZINE:  Louis Vuitton STAG night
3)  Shared by @styledotcom:  Wine stained lips and clean hair left to air dry for rough cool texture
4)  Shared by @THELOVEMAGAZINE:  Top Shop Nails by @sophynails
5)  Shared by @threadless:  What the fish?!

Fairy Tale Cakes

Are you in love with fairy tales?  Need a cute idea for your wedding cake topper?  How about putting your favourite fairy tale couple on top?  Like this very cute topper of Beauty and the Beast.